25 Suaves

25 Suaves



So I was like driving around town the other day, on the hunt for shiny plastic distractions, and trying to turn people on to this 25 Suaves record. I mentioned how it was real cool, man, they make a whole lot of distorto noise for a duo. All conversation stopped, and many pins dropped audibly. You mean like The White Stripes? Was that an audible groan? It’s a cold day, but I’m starting to sweat already. Theoretically, um, yes, but, um… here, just look at the band picture. One look at DJ Party Girl — oh she’s awesome, okay it’s cool. That’s what I was trying to tell you! No need to worry about the blues or Nissan here.

This is amped-up sludgenoise of the highest order, with a boogie beat. Velocity Hopkins, guitar/raw throat, is from New England, DJ Party Girl, drums/more drums, is from Japan, and this unlikely combination works! The drums are so heavy and powerful, the guitars are constant liquid metal, and Velocity Hopkins’ vocals sometimes resembles those of a young Chris Cornell. In a good way, goddamnit! Leave me alone! There’re more than a few hints of classic Mudhoney in the mix, but also The Jesus Lizard, The Who, and Crazy Horse. And unlike other supposed “garage classics,” the production is thick and ugly, but tactile and three dimensional. It’s got all the gronk and unseemly bodily fluids of left-field noiserock but with a stadium sensibility. Wha? Wha? Think of, like, Scratch Acid cutting loose and reallllly giving in to their classic rock impulses — windmilling away on the guitar, hitting “those” classic chords, exhorting the masses to par-tay, and meaning it. Scary, man. Scary.

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