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Ndala Kasheba

Yellow Card

Limitless Sky

Yellow Card is the perfect panacea for all that ails ya. Congolese guitar “Maestro,” Ndala Kasheba serves up a perfectly delicious serving of soukous that will leave a gulf-wide grin on your face. The swirling guitar melodies leave you mesmerized; the creeping bass lines claw into your hip bones and will not let go until everyone is dancing; and the vocals feel like pure joy (only because I don’t understand the lyrics). Soukous is one of those rare forms of music that will always leave you smiling. It showers even the darkest room with an infectious joy that, like Mobutu, is damned near impossible to resist. Kasheba is the perfect example to the pure bliss this music spreads. His music is captivating and so full of verve and spirit, one can easily get lost within his beautiful sound. This disc lifts the spirit and leaves it floating in the enriching ether of optimism and promise.

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