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Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity

I get down on my knees every day and thank the unknown (to me, anyway) genius who first decided to mix jazz with electronic dance music. It is because of this anonymous Einstein that we get the brilliant works of the Jazzanovas of this world, the P’Taahs and Koops, King Koobas, Truby Trios and the Zero dBs. And, for those of you in love with the funky good time that nu jazz offers with its sublime grooves and infectious beats and limitless class, you simply cannot miss this latest project by Chris Vogado (The Vogado Project) and Neil Combstock (Frank de Jojo).

This remix collection exemplifies what great production can really do for a song. Zero dB know how to dismantle a track without destroying the essence of the original song. They are delicate and ruthless at the same time, ever mindful of both the artist and the dancefloor. Their “reconstruction” of Sun Ra’s “Satellites Are Spinning” is ecstatically brilliant. For Peace Orchestra’s “Henry,” they provide a driving broken beat with a mournful, muted trumpet that perfectly combines passion and melancholy. There’s pure funk stank with John Kong and Moonstarr’s “Future Vision” and kinetics gone amok with Suba’s “Samba Do Gringo.” For more Brazilian fun, you don’t want to miss their treatment of Grupo Batuque’s “E Ruim.”

Full of fun, energy and readily apparent mastery, Reconstruction perfectly showcase Vogado and Combstock’s talent, while whetting the appetite for an album of original material.

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