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Ratos de Poráo

Onisciente Coletivo

Alternative Tentacles

Brazil’s hardcore pride Ratos de Poráo started around the time of the Dead Kennedys, and it’s entirely fitting that Jello handles the US distribution of this one. Not because of their shared hardcore leanings (Ratos de Poráo is a far heavier, speedier proposal than DK ever were), but because of the uncompromising political subject that fuels their every move.

Written in the wake of September 11th and the Seattle WTO demonstrations, Ratos de Poráo’s Onisciente Coletivo burns through a set of sped-up ramblings on US imperialism, third world poverty and how President Bush abuses the victims of WTC to create his politically dubious “war on terror.”

Musically, this is a half-hour long kick in the jaw, with little or no variation added to its hardcore formula. No doubt that their hearts are in the right place, but that doesn’t always make for brilliant music. It’s effective and thought provoking, and the lyrics do keep things interesting for a while. But ultimately, this one is too one-dimensional to warrant repeated listening.

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