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Disko B

In a post-modern world where everything is held up to cynical review and sarcastic reevaluation, where even commercials parody the commercial as an institution, it is hard to figure out if some folks are actually serious about what they’re doing. This is, indeed, the case with The Parallax Corporation.

The Dutch duo of I/F (Interr-Ference) and Intergalactic Gary (see what I’m saying?) are hard to put a finger on. If these two are in fact in earnest, I seriously wonder in which world they actually live. Listening to Cocadisco, one envisions a kitsch-laden world of anorexic super models and early ’70s pimpsters debauching around in a limo, chock full of cocaine and champagne dreams. This techno/Italian-schlock-disco has you chuckling with its every hard-driving beat and atavistic caricatures of John Travolta before all the bad movies. You want to believe that I/F and Intergalactic Gary have their tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks as they rock the Eurotrash crowd, because as a kitschy good time, this disc is truly a marvel and a lot of fun. But, as a serious work of art, you gotta wonder if the Ibiza sun has fried their fucking brains.

Disko B:

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