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The ’20s and ’30s Italy saw a movement that was a misguided utopian vision of the machine. The efficiency and precision that was the machine’s was the dream of the Futurists. Oh, the beauty that was the assembly line. All hail the majesty. Unfortunately, the masturbatory illusions of the Futurists became the real-world nightmare of Mussolini and his black shirts.

Some 60 years later, the Futurists’ ejaculations made our modern-day dancefloors a bit slick with the computerized rhythms that chug out of behemoth sound systems. However, a compromised vision between our organic past and the mechanized present/future has synthesized into an entertaining disc by Chris Smith and his Afro Mystik collective.

A beautiful symbiosis of Afro-Cuban polyrhythms and your typical 4/4, mechanized house beats congeal into a wholly entertaining album here on Morphology. No crypto-fascism here, this disc gets it together into a dance fiesta that’ll move you physically – if not metaphysically. Every beat is infused with Third World soul. Every movement incorporates orisha funk, where you feel as though the gods sway your soul, the souls move your hips, and your hips move to an otherworldly soul that is beyond your comprehension. It is the basest and yet most spiritual movement one could ever take in corporeal form. It is hard to believe that any other than Chango created this album.

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