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Psychic Enemies Network

Psychic Enemies Network


This self-titled debut album from brother duo Psychic Enemies Network was originally released back in 1998, and I have no idea why it has surfaced again. There is no indication that this is a re-release, but maybe it is. Anyway• Psychic Enemies Network delivers an ambient dirge of dark atmospherics, subtly moving, with enough variation to place it well above the general mass of similar droning releases. Light percussion and shades of repeated melodies rise above the rumbling noise from time to time, but there are few set structures marking the progressive movements of the music. The overwrought use of “organic” sound drains the music of its potentially unsettling creepiness, and instead lulls most tracks in a warm, comforting blanket. And why not? Psychic Enemies Network doesn’t bring anything new to the world of gothic ambience, but it’s a nice enough affair with quite a few fine moments thrown in.

Psychic Enemies Network:

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