Om Sequence

Om Sequence

Chemically Relaxed [12″]

Dirty Pink

Now, this is a nice treat that’ll whet the appetites of you deep house fans for the forthcoming Om Sequence (Agent Jackson) album. “Chemically Relaxed” is a disturbingly haunting downtempo/pop track that has been marvelously deconstructed for dance floor consumption. AJ re-treats his own track by giving it a lounge-y downtempo feel. In Nimex Productions’ hands, “Chemically Relaxed” gets all kinds of house on us with touches of disco and tech. With Sayr’s “Nuphoric Breaks Mix,” we get a pounding, grimy funk that screws up your face and makes you feel hedonistically dirty. And Jackson returns with an exquisitely lush house mix that swirls and reverberates with unparalleled sultriness. A great addition to any dance floor.

Dirty Pink:

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