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T-Model Ford, the self-proclaimed “Boss of the Blues,” takes you to another place and time. His gruff and gritty guitar and his whiskey-raw vocals transport you to a dirty, out-of-the-way shack where chicken grease and moonshine flow generously. You’re deep in the woods of Mississippi. Ford and his drummer, Spam, pound away at the harsh realities of sharecropping. It’s the blues. It’s a celebration. The proper commiseration to a shitty life, and a good time that scrunches your face in the pure funk of it and has that big-legged woman shimmering in her Saturday night best.

Ford is a true disciple of Howlin’ Wolf. His sound is raw electricity. Your hair stands on end with every lick of the guitar. Spam’s no-frills pounding on the skins has your head bobbing and your ass shaking. You feel like you’re listening to an event, a deep South ceremony not meant for your ears. This is an amazing blues experience that’s getting increasingly difficult to find. Revel in it, love it. You won’t find much like it – and definitely not much that sounds this good.

Fat Possum:

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