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Rocky Votolato

Light and Sound EP

Second Nature

Rocky Votolato is a depressed genius. His deep, poetic lyrics and soft acoustic melodies have been bringing tears to the eyes of his fans for several years. Votolato has taken a different route, ever since he left his acclaimed punk band Waxwing. With 4 full-length albums under his belt, Votolato has written what is perhaps his best album yet, Light and Sound. Like his other releases, Votolato knows how to grab his listeners’ heartstrings and pull at them with all his might. Although there are only four tracks on the album, Light and Sound is just long enough to make you sit back and relive all those painful moments in your life, this time with Votolato providing the soundtrack.

It’s a beautiful and emotional album, displaying Votolato’s talent to the fullest. At times backed by drums and piano, his sweeping melodies are played out in full force. At other times, it is simply Votolato and his guitar. It is these tracks which are the most painful and heartfelt.

Rarely does a 4-song EP have this strong of an impact on its listeners, being as it’s so short (the EP caps off at about 15 minutes). Yet, from the very first note the listener is pulled into an album which will not soon be forgotten and will most likely be played on repeat for several hours at a time. Light and Sound will be there to cure your broken heart, to help you relax, to help you fall asleep and even to help wake you up. It is a 15 minute look into the world of Rocky Votolato and as depressing his world may be, you’ll never want to leave.

Rocky Votolato:

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