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Gettin Wise

Wiiija / Beggars

Jon Spencer’s sister Muffin(!) and her British friends are back with another sassy album of feel-good, hedonist indie dance. Brassy lay slices of Madchester sounds and urban funk over old-school hip-hop beats, adding furious scratching and some funky arrangements. The resulting album moves relentlessly through twenty years of British dance and indie culture. Far more varied than their promising debut album, Brassy still operates within pretty established parameters, bringing to mind acts like the B-52s, Happy Mondays and Deee-Lite – although, Brassy are enjoyably frenzied enough to avoid sounding derivative or plagiaristic. The songs move by in infectious 3-minutes sparks, leaving the listener no time to ponder whether it’s actually any good. By no means essential, this is still an exhilarating and fun little album from one of Britain’s most enjoyable acts.


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