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McCoy Tyner/Bobby Hutcherson

Land of Giants


Even those of us who have done nothing or very little with our lives would love to kick back and rest on our laurels. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if jazz legends like McCoy Tyner and Bobby Hutcherson would do exactly that – come out with crap and sell simply on the power of their names. No one would blame them. So many others have done the same. After all, what do they have to prove?

That they can still make phenomenal music, that’s all. And, boy, do they? Land of Giants is a fantastically entertaining CD. Tyner and Hutcherson still have it, can still swing, will still leave you in awe. If they’ve lost a step or two, I can’t hear it.

Their rhythm section does them justice. Charnett Moffett, of course, plays a mean bass, and Eric Harland lays down exquisite foundations on the drums.

The quartet plays wonderfully together – incredibly cohesive and captivating. “Steppin’” and “Back Bay Blues” are infectious, toe-tapping grooves. There are the Latin-tinged “Serra Do Mar” and “Manalyuca” (with its clever bass reference to “A Love Supreme”) that’ll definitely grab you. “December” is a nice ballad, and you won’t want to miss their swinging rendition of Ellington’s “In a Mellow Mood.”

Land of Giants is so mesmerizing that it may just leave you gasping for air, but, rest assured, Tyner and Hutcherson aren’t slowing down one bit.


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