Broken Bottles

Broken Bottles

Not Pretty


Not Pretty is the six-track debut EP from raucous pub punks Broken Bottle. While these recordings seem to have been scattered over three years, the oldest track dating back to 2001, the sound is consistent throughout. Broken Bottles, after all, live and breathe 1979, so the framework is pretty much set for how it’s going to sound. That said, a couple of the tracks from the March 2002 session do stick out here: “Cat Killer City” and “Orange County” are rawer and more snarling than the remaining tracks, the band more urgent.

Broken Bottles are a fine pub punk act, although they seem to lack anything to actually sing about — most embarrassingly witnessed on the track “Kelly Osbourne,” a song about starring with Kelly in a porn flick. It probably seemed like a good idea for a fun song, except it’s just not funny. Broken Bottles sound great, though, and vocalist Jes the Mess proves able to pull off a pretty decent imitation of Johnny Rotten’s snarl.

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