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Jazz in the House 12

Kickin Music

There’s no doubt about it: the house of Blaze is the home of soulful house. Sure, you have Hed Kandi and you never know what Wagram will come out with next and Fashion TV tried to get into the game; but when you want that good ole sound that takes you back to Chicago’s heyday, nothing beats this British label. And part of what makes them so delicious is the Jazz in the House series.

12 in no way, shape, or form disappoints. DJ Phil Asher has put together a compelling compilation (thankfully unmixed) of some real hot house hits. The disc starts off with the exultant gospel house cut, “We Lift Our Hands in the Sanctuary,” by Oji and Una, and grooves steadily from there. Blaze contributes two of his anthemic best here, while Nathan Haines teams up with the legendary Marlena Shaw on “Squire for Hire.” There are some nice, jazzy tunes like Fudge’s “If I Had a Band” and cuts by Reel People (with Vanessa Freeman) and Blak Beat Niks. But the shiniest gem in this treasure chest has got to be Nikos and Lamech’s “Jubilee Funk.” I can’t quite put my finger on this one, but there’s something truly brilliant about it.

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