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Deadwater Drowning

Deadwater Drowning

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On their self-titled debut, New Hampshire’s Deadwater Drowning offer up a little bit of tasty metal for the kiddies. Playing some tried and true hardcore/death metal, Deadwater Drowning do little in terms of originality or innovation, but do provide a little over 20 minutes of good heavy music. There are plenty of time changes, crunchy riffs, low growls and hardcore screams to satisfy any metalhead. Sometimes this is exactly the problem; there is no song structure to speak of. When one listens to Cryptopsy or Dillinger Escape Plan, there are actual songs, not just a mass of riffs. Segues, refrains, etc. Deadwater Drowning has none of this. Some listeners do not require anything more than technical proficiency, distortion and entertaining gore lyrics. For others, let us just hope that the young Deadwater Drowning mature into a stronger band. Truth be told, they do show some promise on this debut.

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