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Rachel Loshak


Apple Blossom

Listening to singer/bassist Rachel Loshak’s music is a lot like talking to a beautiful woman – or man, as your orientation may be – and sadly coming to the realization that although you find him or her intoxicating to be around, you have nothing interesting to say to one another. Her melodies are arresting and her song settings artful, but her lyrics are naive and trite.

Do I regret telling you that I loved you? Do I regret telling you that I cared? – “Latin Rock III”

Please don’t die tonight. – “The Dreamer”

This is truly a great shame, because when I say arresting and artful, I’m not just blowing alliterative smoke up your collective skirts. Songs like “Rain,” “Single Rose” and “Sweet As Sin” are quietly moving in their performances, and I do recommend visiting her website – linked below – for samples. But me? What can I tell you – it just doesn’t spark.

Rachel Loshak:

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