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Best of Caribbean Party Rhythms

Volume 1

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Gentlemen, allow me to offer a little advice to you. Listen to your wives’ or girlfriends’ musical suggestions every once in a while. Case in point: My wife convinced me to review the Best of Caribbean Party Rhythms. She and I very rarely agree on music, so I’m not sure what was traveling through my brain when I agreed. But I’ve put off reviewing it way too long.

This shit is infectious. I truly can’t write about its value compared to others in a similar realm, but many of the songs have a great hook and a dancehall quality.

Militant’s “Hot and Groovy” is one such example. You’d expect something more, I don’t know, progressive from a band named Militant, but instead you get a testosterone-fueled Macarena – a Latinized Ludacris, if you will.

The majority of this album is stuff you’ll find on a Spanish channel’s Saturday morning dance show, a tad tacky yet unavoidably contagious.

Everything is here, from Southern Hemisphere porn music (3 Canal & Andre Tanker’s “Ben Lion”) to booty-shaking gospel mingled with Miami bass (Sponge and Blue Ventures’ “Jump”). It’s all really surprising and confusing to me. So I’ll leave it at that, because I just can’t take it any longer. Maybe I should’ve cheated and had my wife review this one.

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