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Letters, oh we get letters

My buddy Moya sends along an entertaining article from today’s San Francisco Chronicle about the music tour announced yesterday that is explicitly being designed and promoted to court the “swing” voters away from Bush.

Moya writes:

“I particularly like the part where a Bush campaign spokesman says the musicians (among them being working-class blue-collar icons Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp) don’t represent mainstream values.”

Well, of course not! Only politicians born with a silver spoon in their mouths (or a silver foot, as Ann Richards once said about Bush Sr) who have had everything handed to them their whole lives represent mainsteam values–don’t you know that?

Excerpts I particuarly enjoyed follow, with my comments in bold:

“McKinnon said Bush had drawn his own support from the entertainment world, citing stars like Lee Ann Womack, Kid Rock and Jessica Simpson.”

I knew there was a reason I hated that bitch…

“I think it’s important to speak in a measured voice,” said Springsteen, whose closest previous brush with partisan politics occurred when he chided then-President Ronald Reagan for associating with his music in the 1984 campaign. “

Actually, IIRC, that’s not exactly true. In 1988, he reportedly told at least one concert audience from the stage, quote, “Don’t vote for that fucking Bush.” The more things change…

Moya continues:

“…they mentioned a museum web site with a collection of political

ads going back to 1952. I haven’t looked at it yet, but it sounds


Funny she should mention that…Mark Evanier linked to the same site last month but I hadn’t taken a look at it till now. Interesting indeed. For the record, my all-time favorite political ad (in my lifetime) remains the 1984 “There is a bear in the woods” Reagan spot.

This is at least partially because of the Doonesbury strip that followed the landslide, showing two Democrats getting drunk and reading the election stats to each other:

“Some say the bear is vicious. Some say he’s tame. Since nobody really knows for sure, doens’t it make sense to spend six trillion dollars on a weapons defense system that no one’s sure will really work? Bartender! There’s a bear in my beer!”

Finally, our systems wizard Ian sends along this little gem, in which a haunting moment of honesty crosses Bush’s lips.

Paging Dr. Freud…

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