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The Outernationalists

The Outernationalists


Six Degrees

Welcome to the world of world-beat fusion, where every sort of sound from every displaced ethnic group gets together for a toe tapping, high energy evening of dancing, drinking and a lot more love and understanding than they have in the real world. That’s the theory, at least. DJs Simon Emmerson and Phil Meadley dug through the record bins of London’s multicultural music scene and assembled a pretty darn interesting collection of African and Indian and what not, all upbeat and danceable. There’s Kamel Nitrate with “The Big Bhang,” sounding like hundreds of Bollywood dancers gyrating in the rain. Headmix fills “The Passenger” with a folksy sounding back beat and a sinuous brass line. Then there’s Bucovina Club vs. Taraf de Haidouks doing “Carolina,” a combination of the Turkish sound one associates with harem movies, and a modern urban rap bass line. It’s a good snap shot of whose sounding like what these days and suitable for party back drops anytime, plus it makes you look like you get out more than you really do. Go for it!

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