The Sound of the Crowd

This calls for Kirsty

And I’ll see you baby when the clans rise again

Women and men united by a struggle

Going down

You’ve got to walk into the water

With your sister and your daughter

In this free world

With a pocketful of plastic

Like a dollar on elastic

In this free world

I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t care

And the ghettoes are full of Mercedes Benz

And you’d never hurt a friend

Who wouldn’t tell you

Got to take it got to grab it

Got to get it up and shag it*

In this free world

You’ve got to get into the water

Like a lamb goes to the slaughter

In this free world baby…

Song is “Free World” by Kirsty MacColl (bless her), link is more good stuff from Josh Marshall.

ETA: By the way, I’ve asked this before, but you are all reading Joshua Micah Marshall on a regular basis, aren’t you? I mean not just when I link. There’s too much good stuff.

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