The Sound of the Crowd

Things To Be Thankful For, 2004

Or, “these are a few of my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite things.”

In no particular order:

This blog

Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing

Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night. How good a show was it? It made me love a show about sports. Me.


Kirsty MacColl. You know that great feeling when you put on a CD you really like but for one reason or another haven’t listened to for a really long time and it almost sounds new? I did that with Tropical Brainstorm today.

The book about Kirsty MacColl

Being in the book about Kirsty MacColl

Keitha, Colley & Annabel. Friends I made up.

Corey, Stefon, Moya, A’mee and all and any other friends I didn’t.

Joe Jackson

Monty Python

Emma Peel (though, what’s up with her having a lower spot than Buffy on Bravo’s countdown? I don’t think so.)

The golden age of radio

Charles Schulz, Bill Melendez, Vince Guaraldi & everybody who worked on the classic Peanuts specials

Dan Rather stepping down

Anne Hathaway–who, you realize, I will one day do something like shoot the president of the united states in order to impress.

Bands Reunited when it’s good

The good seasons of Buffy & Angel

Spider-Man 2

Fraggle Rock, other Muppety goodness, and Jim Henson being on a postage stamp!

Stars (band)

Cole Porter

Gilmore Girls

Greg Rucka mysteries–although, he really pushes the unsympathetic lead characters thing sometimes.

Peter Cook

Jerry Goldsmith

Bobby Darin

It’s My Party (movie)

Amber Benson

Did I mention Anne Hathaway? I’m not crazy, right–that is an extraordinarily beautiful woman?

The Music Lovers (band), especially “Sometimes People Just Do Stupid Things.”

Spaced/Shaun of the Dead

Brad Bird/Pixar’s The Incredibles kicking Universal/Robert Zemicks’ Polar Express’s ass to the curb

The Iron Giant special edition DVD

Cowboys International’s The Backwards Life of Romeo CD

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

A new Jim Brooks movie, even if it does star Adam Sandler

Willow & Tara


Susan Sarandon, Virgina Madsen, and Sonia Braga–if I were a woman, these would be my role models.

Bill Hicks

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