Thema 1


As is usually the case with albums like this, it’s difficult to figure out how to put together the header describing artist and title. Blend is the mixer; in Thema 1, he takes nine tracks from Libra Music’s catalog and submits them to his will. I’m not very familiar with Libra Music, but judging from the names on its roster, they seem to be Greek. I can’t vouch for the original forms, but the resulting mixes are subtle slices of chillout — there are no frantic pounding beats to be had here, and classical guitar riffing seems to be a recurring theme, with the occasional dash of mid-eastern and mid-Asian twang and rattle. Overall, it’s an entertaining hour of music, with the results forming something a bit more complex than sonic wallpaper without yammering for attention. In other words, dim the lamps, light the incense and use this to seduce a sweet warm thing.

Libra Music:

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