The Sound of the Crowd

Now wait a minute…

Here’s an article about Garry Trudeau’s reaction to Bush’s propaganda, specifically re Gannon. Here’s what jumped out at me.

“Trudeau said he hasn’t received any direct reaction from Gannon to the sequence. But on his personal Web site, Gannon on Monday linked to the first “Doonesbury” strip in the sequence, and on Thursday wrote that Trudeau “showed his leanings 30 years ago” – while linking to one of his old strips that offered a pro-John Kerry view.”

Here’s the thing–the link on Gannon’s site doesn’t work any more, BTW, but I remember reading the strips in question in old “Doonesbury” books, and IIRC, they hardly showed a “pro-John Kerry view.” At the time, when Kerry was a well-known anti-war campus speaker, Trudeau depicted him as self-promoting and perhaps overly ambitious. I was always kinda surprised none of the conservatives dredged them up during the campaign.

BTW, if you get a chance to visit Gannon’s site, pass it up, unless you’re endlessly amused and entertained by stupid people desperate for attention.

(And I swear to you, the first one who says “We read your blog, don’t we, Ben?” Bang, zoom…)

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