The Sound of the Crowd

These past few days I Have Mainly Been Listening To:

“If my movie got made (and there was no concern about “dating” the film with music it’s 30-something creator likes rather than his 20-something characters)…the soundtrack album!”

This is fucking self-indulgent, but what the hell, it’s my blog. Links in titles lead to lyrics, links in names lead to reviews, mostly by me.

Pop Will Eat Itself-X, Y and Zee (The Sensory Amplification Mix)

Paul Desmond-Alianca

Joe Jackson-Is She Really Going Out With Him? (A Cappella Version)

Stars-Going, Going Gone

The Pretenders-If There Was A Man

Stray Cats-Rock This Town

Paul Young-Love Will Tear Us Apart


Depeche Mode-Waiting For The Night

Pet Shop Boys-It Couldn’t Happen Here

Naked Eyes-Once Is Enough

Pet Shop Boys-To Face The Truth

Jellyfish-All I Want Is Everything

Swing Out Sister-Breakout. (This is the only one of these records I don’t own, BTW, though a compliation with it is on my Amazon Wish list, he hinted pathetically.)

Adam Ant-Can’t Set Rules About Love

If you’re really interested, those few of you who know the Keitha, Annabel and Colley story, click below for what goes where.

X, Y and Zee</a> (The Sensory Amplification Mix)-Opening credits

Alianca-Keitha & Annabel slow dancing. Possibly another record, but defintely something by Desmond

Is She Really Going Out With Him? (A Cappella Version)-Annabel sees Keitha & Colley in the mall, natch

Going, Going Gone-Annabel watching Colley’s house/Mary and Annabel

If There Was A Man–sung briefly by Keitha in the film

Rock This Town-Keitha & Annabel dancing in the pub

Love Will Tear Us Apart/Vanilla-Mary & Colley in bed

Waiting For The Night-Transitioning into Keitha, Colley and Annabel coming home after her party

It Couldn’t Happen Here-after the fight

Once Is Enough-playing in Colley’s studio when Keitha walks in

To Face The Truth-Colley picking up Keitha’s things

All I Want Is Everything-Keitha looking for her magazine before phoning Colley

Breakout-Colley finds Annabel

Can’t Set Rules About Love-end credits

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