Magnapop, the indie pop-punk four piece from Atlanta, are back after a 9-year self imposed hiatus. The last time we heard from them, they were putting out records alongside The Breeders, Belly, Veruca Salt and Elastica. Their new effort, Mouthfeel, is of the same intelligent pop tradition.

Released on Indigo Girl Amy Ray’s Daemon Recrods, the band’s entrance back onto the music scene offers a fresh female-fronted sound reminiscient of The Go-Gos. Vocalist Linda Hopper’s voice is swimming with sensuality and is complimented by Ruthie Morris’s Joan Jett-like guitar aggression. For me, they sound like the kind of music Drew Barrymore would make had she become a rockstar instead of an actress: positive and fun, but not weak or sappy.

While it may not offer as many perfect pop songs as 1994’s Bob Mould-produced Hot Boxing, there are a few standout tracks: “We’re Faded,”“Pretend I’m There” and “Elliott.” Each is a short burst of good energy, as a good pop song should be. This is definitely a record to listen to while driving around on a summer day with the windows down.


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