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Deena Goodman

Deena Goodman

Hard to Get To


Arriving at Deena Goodman’s sound is a little more difficult than it may initially appear. She looks like a combination of Michelle Branch and a young Reba McEntire, sounds like a southern belle (a la Wynonna Judd) and almost matches the passion of Joss Stone … almost. On her debut album, Hard to Get To, Goodman makes a name for herself, which is both good and bad.

First the good. Goodman has a voice that demands attention, and the music, for the most part, perfectly compliments the intensity of every syllable that rolls off her tongue. When she sings, “I can’t always be your sometimes / Cause sometimes, it’s just another way to keep me waiting” and “I don’t want to be alone tonight / even if it means giving me to you/ one more time,” on the laid-back groove “Sometimes,” you can’t help but get involved in the song. She also co-wrote “Your Rock” with Spin Doctors lead singer Chris Barron, who sings background on the track.

Now the bad. Goodman has one very annoying quirk in her vocal style. She loves to slide up to the note instead of just hitting it. That’s okay once in a while, but she slides to emphasize almost every single line of every song. If she cuts back on the sliding, she will be one singer to be reckoned with. Also, she sounds like she’s trying to out sing Joss Stone. Bad idea. She’s not Stone, nor can she compare. She has a great voice and a little funk is fine, but let Joss do her thing.

As it stands, however, Goodman is really good. Her voice commands attention. This five song debut is impressive, and if she tones down on the vocal sliding and the tepid funk, she could very well hit the big time.

Deena Goodman:

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