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Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal

I, Monarch


The first notes of I, Monarch immediately pummel you with blistering, furious syncopated blast beats that whip you into a death metal frenzy. Venomous vocals and methodically played guitar solos are expertly performed in the same vein as Morbid Angel and Nile. Eric Rutan’s (Rutan wrote, played, sang and mixed the CD) tenure in Morbid Angel has matured him into a well-rounded death guru. Stand out track “To Know Your Enemies” is a killer double-growling piece with a mesmerizing guitar solo that envelopes your soul. The lead intro of the title track segues into ferocious blast beats while Rutan vehemently spits out the chorus to end the song. For fans of unrelenting brutal death metal, this should be added to your collection.

Hate Eternal:

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