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The Slow Signal Fade

The Slow Signal Fade


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Ethereal, provocative and utterly brilliant are the first terms that come to mind when listening to Steady, the first LP by The Slow Signal Fade.

Sri Lankan-born Marguerite Olivelle’s voice powers this genre-defying quartet with her Cranberries-esque voice, especially on the driving “TBA” and the moody opener “Departmental.”

The 9-minute “At Least We’re Dancing” sounds eerily like a combination of Tool and Björk. The guitars reverb like Tool (and the length is similar to some of Tool’s epics), but the sound is more toned-down, like something off of Bjork’s Post or Debut.

“Departmental,” is the perfect opener to this record, with an ideal blend of marching percussion, guitar punches, fuzz and a haunting keyboard to underscore it all. “Time Machine” on the other hand is very patient and deliberate with its steady, but forceful rhythm.

The Slow Signal Fade is the perfect combination of patience and power. Steady is just that, 50 minutes of steady cacophonous bliss. This is perfect for anyone looking to delve deeper into the lyrics and music that make up an album.

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