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Calling all Eels fans!!! Jeff “Chet” Lyster and Derek Brown of the brilliantly strange band The Eels now have a brilliantly strange side project and their debut is… how should I say… Ah yes… brilliantly strange.

Enter to Exit is the first album from the sextet from Portland, Oregon. The gorgeous vocals and dark lyrics of Fernando Viciconte (possibly where they got their name?) perfectly lie overtop the bouncy rhythms and slow gloomy numbers.

“From Now On” is musically a fairly cheerful song complete with a sing-along chorus that is dampened by the lyrics: “From now on/ I’ll never think of you/ All the love we had/ Seems to be through” and others that are quite similar. “Another Day in My Head” has no camouflage however. It is a perfect downer for a rainy day or the ending of an episode of “Six Feet Under.”

The opener, “Howard Hughes” sounds like it could have come from Wilco’s Summerteeth album, while “The Reluctant Deity” is a bouncy two-and-a-half minute romp that will have you bobbing your head for every second of it.

Enter to Exit is the group’s debut, but Viciconte has been making music for well over a decade and has several solo albums to his credit. This one tops them all, both in lyricism and musical variety. This album is definitely one to check out if you are a fan of The Eels, Wilco or anybody looking for a melancholy well-written album.

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