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Black Diamond Heavies

Black Diamond Heavies

Every Damn Time


This unique blues-punk duo from the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll have made a debut album in the 21st that sounds as if they never set foot in a modern studio. Every Damn Time is not just raw in sound and style; it sounds like it was recorded in some stinky, hot wood shed in the middle of the swamp, in analog.

Black Diamond Heavies are John Wesley Myers (bass keys, organ, voice) and Van Campbell (drums, vocals). A blues coupling with no guitar – who need no guitar – to convey the melancholy, the soul, and the muddy depths of emotion with which they are miraculously able to pull out of just a pair of voices, a beat and a smokey melody.

It’s bluesy, it’s raunchy, it sounds as if it was improvised and recorded in one take, which it sort of was – the whole album is the result of two live sessions, recorded straight to analog, with very few overdubs. It’s the kind of album, and the kind of band, that keeps me excited about new music.

Black Diamond Heavies:

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