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Warped Tour 2007

Warped Tour 2007

Warped Tour 2007 Compilation

SideOneDummy Records

Ahhhh, you know the summer season is upon you when the Warped Tour compilation hits shelves. For those of you who may not be familiar, the compilation is composed of two discs, chock-full of an assortment of bands featured on the national summer tour. We’re talking over two hours of music.

Whether it’s screamo, ska or punk, you’re bound to find something you like. Consider it a sneak preview for those of you still pondering whether or not to attend the show.

This year’s compilation boasts some great tracks, including:

Alkaline Trio: “Fire Down Below” is a bit weak to open a CD, but is actually a great song and one that I’d love to see performed live.

Blessthefall: “Could Tell A Love” will give you that perfect bit of the screamo that you know you secretly love. The song has some amazing guitar riffs and is one you may just find yourself putting on repeat.

Gogol Bordello: “60 Revolutions” sounds like absolutely nothing else on either of the CDs. It sounds a bit rougher and unpolished in comparison.

Strung Out: “Calling” will probably go over well in the pit. With strong vocals and a decent beat, the kids will probably love moshing to this one.

In comparison to previous Warped Tour compilations, this CD offers a few gems, but the rest are a bit mediocre. I’d rather go check out the tour in person–a live performance is the thing that really proves a band’s talent. Make sure to visit the Warped Tour official website to check what artists will be performing on the day that the show hits your city.

Warped Tour:

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