Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 5

Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 5

Doc Ali is reaching her breaking point, I do believe. She seems to be getting a little testy with Scott when he starts moaning about how he thinks marriage is bad, and it is the woman spending money while the man is all hunched over with a belly…etc…etc. It’s rather funny to see Scott try to walk around like that but it’s on Doc Ali’s last nerve. She wants Scott to go and talk to his old ‘bed buddy’ Connie. To do the standard dissection of their relationship, so Scott can feel even more like a failure – God Bless Doc Ali.

Scott takes Connie to dinner and you can tell that back in the day she was a looker. She tells Scott that he’s sterile, passionless and callus. I mean, what did she want? She was the man’s booty call for like 15 years! She agreed to that kind of relationship and now she wants to tell him that he was never emotionally intimate with her? He’s SCOTT BAIO…he’s been banging chicks for over 20 years without emotional attachment. He’s the epitome of bachelor. Stuff like that cracks me up. The best is when she was describing what she thought his day was like…’you get up, get out your black book and start booking your appointments for the day. ‘ Haha, then she told him how he would double book himself and he admitted that he would be calling one while he was on his way to one. Total player.

Her other piece of work for Scott is a ‘cuddle party’.

Two Words
Cuddle Party.

I mean, apparently these things really exist and Scott was going to one. He brought Steve and Johnny V with him because God forbid Baio go it alone! Johnny V the total sponge brings condoms because he thinks that it’s a cover for an orgy. When they arrive it’s so weird, all these strangers in their jammies who want to hug, massage and cuddle each other in a non-sexual way to overcome intimacy issues. Hey, isn’t intimacy overrated anyway? Because I’m totally not hugging strangers let alone spooning with them. Anyway- Scott does it, and actually has a meaningful conversation with some chick he’s spooning with. He doesn’t think it was so bad but I don’t see this as his new favorite Friday night activity.

The coming attractions for this coming weeks episode seem fantastic. This is when the whole Johnny V thing blows up. Doc Ali doesn’t want Scott around him anymore and even calls their relationship toxic. We’ll get to see Johnny V whine like a girl about losing his “Scott Baio Time”. Can’t wait.

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