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AA Bondy

AA Bondy

American Hearts


Welcome to your headset a singer songwriter whose sincerity is in line with the greats, while lacking the melodrama that plagues many of today’s young acoustically driven folkies.

AA Bondy used to front an Alabama rock band called Verbena – a band I had never heard of before reading Bondy’s press release, but whose second album was produced by Dave Grohl. After that band collapsed in on itself, Bondy holed up in a studio in upstate NY and wrote a record that tastes like rich dark chocolate atop a dry cracker. It’s gorgeous in tone, yet desolate and sad on the underside. Something about it is familiar in a way that only great folk records can be. It’s music like this that Jesse Malin, Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams strive to make.

I’m not going to compare him to Dylan, because that’s just sacreligious and though this guy is good, he’s not that good, but I would go so far as to compare him to a young Bruce Springsteen. He’s got the strong narratives that roll right off his tongue as his fingers strum the melodies that will sink inside of your soul.

Strongest songs: “Black Rain, Black Rain” and “How Will You Meet Your End?” And what would a country/folk record be without a song about intoxicants, “Vice Rag” is a fantastic one.

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