Zen Boy and Karma Girl

Zen Boy and Karma Girl

Zen Boy and Karma Girl

Who They Are and How They Came To Be!

I like the lightweight pop aspect of this album, but the muscle bound and atomic bosomed super hero graphics mystify me. Neither Zen Boy nor Karma Girl reveal their true names, but there’s a picture of two normal-looking people on the back cover of the disc and I assume they have successfully concealed their true identities. The liner notes refer to an “Underground Volcano Recording Studio,” which I find a bit retro for today’s more environmentally sensitive superheroes. Zen and Karma’s music consists of pleasant harmonious duets with a simple guitar providing most of the accompaniment. “There Won’t Be” is one of the happiest blues songs I’ve heard, and “Copy” is a rather quirky love song, and both are typical of the album. It’s just that the cover art gives no idea of what the disc really sounds like.

Zen Boy and Karma Girl: www.zenboyandkarmagirl.com

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