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The 13th Victim

The 13th Victim

Broken Bottles & Razor Blades

Hairball 8

Punk rock comes in all sorts of flavors, but if it’s salty, dirty, sour and bloody you’re after, The 13th Victim aims to satisfy.

Bursting out of the ever active Austin, TX scene, these guys are the masters (along with producer – and Lower Class Brats vocalist – Bones DeLarge) behind one of the most vicious street/core discs I’ve come across so far this year. Broken Bottles & Razor Blades is a nonstop weekend of debauchery:

Broken bottles, razor blades/ cut yourself before its too late/ fuck tomorrow, fuck today/ don’t want to live another day here – from “Cut Yourself.”

You were only 15 years old/ the life you lived was the life of a whore/ you lied and you kissed and you fucked everyone/ if everybody knows who the fucks gonna pick you – from “Fuck Me Fuck You.”

Welcome to my world, where killings not a crime/ where getting drunk and high is just a way of life – from “Live Fast Die Drunk.”

If these lyrics look striking on your screen, you should hear them sung with heated aggression atop of hardcore drums and thrash guitars. And, actually, these aren’t even the most outrageous (or offensive) lyrics on the album. Graphic sex, suicide, and stories of drugs run rampant.

The 13th Victim are not for the faint of heart. In fact, they’re a little scary, as this brand of punk rock is meant to be.

Hairball 8:

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