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Ska for manga freaks! If you love to read your comics backwards; if you know what “Naruto,” “InuYasha,” and “Full Metal Alchemist” mean; if you like your graphics bordering the lines of pedophilia – you will love Oreskaband.

Now, before you start hurling stones at me, or accusing me of making rash generalizations about the art of anime as literature, take a look at this band. They’re six young, cute Japanese girls dressed like schoolgirls. If that description alone caused you to open up a new tab on your browser and Google up a photo, then you have no case of argument with me. Oh! And then there’s also the slight fact that their song “Pinnochio” was used the ending theme for the 14th “Naruto” cartoon.

Musically, this is definitely a fresh take on a well-worn genre: ska pop fresh from the far east. It’s fun, it’s bouncy, it’s sweet enough to have landed the girls a TV commercial for a popular Japanese candy (Pocky). While this quick little EP opens with a rather ear strangling bit of annoyance (“Pantime”), the next song is easily the disc’s winner (“Yeah! Ska Dance”) – and also the one chosen for the TV spot.

In an attempt to win over ska purists, they put in a cover of Toots & the Maytal’s “Monkey Man” and even brought in Jamaican legend Rico Rodriguez to guest on trombone.

Fans of Dance Hall Crashers, early No Doubt, and Reel Big Fish will also find their groove with these gals.


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