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Kasey Anderson

Kasey Anderson

The Reckoning

Terra Soul Music/ In Music We Trust

Rugged alt-country is what Kasey Anderson dishes on his 4th album (2nd studio album) The Reckoning, and after one listen you will be begging for more.

The opening title-track is a dark lyrical ode to revenge. “Don’t stand there pissin’ on my leg and tell me it’s rainin’,” is spoken, not sung, with an intensity that sounds like Shawn Mullins…if he felt like Trent Reznor.

Anderson mellows out on the almost eight-minute “You Don’t Live Here Anymore,” but the feeling of despair still rings and doesn’t let up (or get monotonous) at all during the song or the album. Anderson channels Ryan Adams and his raspy storytelling voice on “Long Way Home,” while on “Hometown Boys,” he explains why “f—ing up starts getting real old.”

Anderson’s guitar-driven music on The Reckoning sucks you in, but it’s the lyrics that last, as each song weaves a tapestry of love, loss, and loneliness. Anderson’s weathered voice and rustic musicianship will carry you away from the hustle of everyday life and transport you to another world via Americana folk that is second to none.

Kasey Anderson:

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