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David Newbould

David Newbould

Big Red Sun

North Star Media

I hate to accuse anyone of being a sensitive singer/songwriter, but I’m afraid Mr. Newbould is very good at singing, writing, and picking up skilled session men and women to back him. The tone of Big Red Sun is soft and melodic with occasional flashes of a vaguely honky-tonk sound (“Empty Arms” and “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do”), but his forte is the solid love of a stable romance, family life, and the simple pleasures of living as far off the fast track as possible. Backing him up on these Austin-influenced sessions are the likes of Cindy Cashdollar, Jon Dee Graham, and Don Harvey. Big Red Sun is listenable, non-controversial, and is a pleasant amalgam of old-school country revival, traditional studio folk music, and solid craftsmanship. I have nothing but love to send to Mr. Newbould and his music – it’s a calm island in a hectic universe.

David Newbould: http://davidnewbould.com

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