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The Problem is Not a Problem Anymore

99 Hours of Secrets/Cerebral Cliff Records

Chicago’s Putois taps into the dark side of acoustic-based music.

Bob Mason, the man behind the name, has created The Problem is Not a Problem Anymore with a sound that is as haunting as My Bloody Valentine, as gothically moody as The Velvet Underground, and as mysterious as Sigur Rós – yet kind of poppy.

A cloud of self-reflection seems to fall over the room when this album plays. It’s not an album to crank up and jam to. It’s not a driving album, or something to turn on while you’re cleaning the house. It’s not a romantic disc to toss on while having a nice dinner. This music is private, contemplative, and sad in a gorgeously comforting way.

No matter how many times I listen to this stunning home-spun release, I feel that I am no closer to accurately describing its mood. It has to be heard, not explained. Good places to start are “No More Dancing,” “Another Shade of Blue,” and “Something Wrong with Steven.”

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