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Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut

MC Rut

The debut EP from Sacramento duo Middle Class Rut smells like Marlboro Lights, hair dye, and salty, sweaty skin. It sounds like the wind rushing through open car windows and stereo speakers that crackle because they’re turned up too loud. It feels like high school weekends in 1995.

If you grew up during the era of grunge and alternative rock, you will no doubt find something to either love or hate about Middle Class Rut’s music. The talented pair, who have been playing music in one form or another since they were thirteen years old, have yanked the dirty and volatile side of mainstream industrial and buried it inside a package piled high with Jane’s Addiction and Filter influences.

Though it’s called an EP, the impressive self-released disc has nine songs and clocks in at over 40 minutes. That’s more than a mere taste – that’s a meal of a debut! While some songs are stronger than others, there are none worthy of the skip button. MC Rut is one fiercely solid release that hints at the beginnings of something very special, or so I cross my fingers and hope.

Your new favorite songs: “Busy Being Born,” “New Low,” and “All Walks of Life.”

Middle Class Rut:

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