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Uncle Salty’s Cabin

Uncle Salty’s Cabin

Oh Hell…Just Throw ‘Em All On There

Darin Di Pietro /BMI

Uncle Salty’s Cabin is one of those pleasantly competent albums that makes for some decent listening, then migrates to the bottom of the CD stack until you break up, sort the CD’s, and sell the leftovers. That’s unfortunate, as Mr. Di Pietro has a pleasant voice that sounds a bit like Frank Zappa in his crooning period, and his band makes a nice Country / Jazz crossover sound that keeps you interested without over whelming. The highlight of this collection is the opening number “Bathroom Stall Girl.” Our singer calls the number, and ends up taking a deli ticket as he gets in line for his date. “Come Over Here” is another entertaining sex song, although this one is more oriented to the first person pick up situation. There’s a blond at the bar that might be interested, but you can never tell with out the embarrassment of asking and getting an unexpected “No.” And if she says “yes”, even money makes her the soon-to-be-psycho-ex-girlfriend-from-Hell. But, nothing ventured, right? Give this disc a listen, you might get lucky.

Uncle Salty’s Cabin:

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