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VarieTEASE: No. 24 The Doll Factory

VarieTEASE: No. 24 The Doll Factory

Conceived and choreographed by Blue

babyBlueStar Productions

Orange Venue

Orlando International Theater Fringe Festival, Orlando, FL</strong>

In this VarieTEASE show, bits and pieces of dolls litter the stage along with complete and fully functional dancers. As the crowd filters in, stage hands place props and body parts on stage, occasionally parading around a shelf full of heads to make a point. As the lights fade and the preshow announcements are dispatched, the music rises and The Buyer (Nick Gray) descends the stairs form the back of the theater. As he examinees the wares, Willy the Dollmaker and his assistant Ben begin adjusting the girls, setting them into motion with glowing screwdrivers. As Robot Dog (Chris) ignores his guard duties to frolic with the dolls, Blue ventures out into the audience as an ambassador of doll land.

It’s hard to fault a show featuring a chainsaw wielding dwarf attacking the audience, but “The Doll Factory” lacks the over the top spectacle of last years “Carnivale.” The music could be louder, and while there’s action all around the stage, the best dancing came form energetic Willy, particularly in the second half. This is a good, solid show with great production values, brilliant props, and non-stop action. The problem? We were spoiled last year.

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This show is presented as part of the 17th Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. Information on times, tickets, and venue location my be found at

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