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The Wanteds

The Wanteds

Failure Looks So Good

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Raw and unapologetic. That’s what Failure Looks So Good by The Wanteds sounds like. It is rock untamed with lyrics that are, for the most part, soul-baring.

Tracks like “Oblivion” chronicle lead singer Tommy Harrington’s struggle with drugs as he sings, “I’ll quit you again, I will / I miss you again, I will / I’ll quit you again / Again, again, again I fell.”

“Ladysmith” is blisteringly addictive as Harrington screams “You lose/ Cuz failure looks so good on you.” “365” is another barn-burner that, despite lyrics that don’t make any sense (or could have been written by Gavin Rossdale) is a great track for straight-ahead rock fans.

It took a lot for Harrington to get here. After their last record Let Go Afterglow (which was essentially a solo project) Harrington toured extensively, but sporadically as he struggled with drugs and trying to keep his family together. After his son was born, he took a long look at himself, sobered up and, after his son started the toddler years decided to get The Wanteds back together again. The band is now a trio and Harrington is launching himself headfirst into his band and parenthood.

Failure Looks So Good is an intense and emotional record. Harrington lays himself out and exorcises his demons through his lyrics, but his voice is something that takes a few listens to get used to, like Michael Dean Damron. If you can do that, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

The Wanteds:

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