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Andy Friedman & The Other Failures

Andy Friedman & The Other Failures

Weary Things

City Salvage

Times are tough, and the tonic America needs is another depressing folk/country act. There’s more work than Tom Waits or Dylan’s Time out of Mind can handle, and this a massive bailout needs a Hadacol and Robitussin cocktail to level our attitude. With Andy Freidman on the iPod, you’ll want to hide the sharp objects and replace the sleeping pills with Tic-Tacs.

He opens with “I Miss Being Broken, Lowdown and Alone” and its slow mournful guitar, dark shadowy lyrics and attitude of successful failure. “Locked Out of the Building” flashes some George Thorogood arrangements with a slightly more up beat tempo, although Mr. Friedman does call on the super volcano under Wyoming to erupt and end the pain. “Road Tripping Daddy” almost (and I mean ALMOST) finds a happy uptempo melody about living on the road while ignoring the emptiness in life, but we’re soon back down in the gray with “Pilot Light” and “Freddy’s Backroom.” Can music and the occasional shot of cheap whiskey salve the psychic wounds of modern life? Of course not, but what are your options? Refinance?

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