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Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

by Aye Jay

ECW Press

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

Aye Jay is a friggin’ genius. He is able to take the best of not-so-kid-friendly genres and make them into an activity book that is not only fun for kids, but something that adults (especially fans of the given genre) can thoroughly enjoy. After creating the best-selling Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and one of my favorites books, Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book, he’s back with every punk rocker’s dream for their children, Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book.

Do you like to color? Why not color Patti Smith, the Ramones, Nirvana or Green Day? Like drawing? How about finishing the Suicidal Tendencies skull, drawing tattoos on the arms of Henry Rollins, or creating graffiti for the bathroom wall at CBGB’s?

How many words can you create from “Sid and Nancy” or “Minutemen”? You can also get the mascot for the Circle Jerks through the mosh pit maze or try to get Milo (the mascot for the Descendants) through the maze to college.

My two favorites are drawing yourself as a member of Devo and the Cramps word search. Just try finding “Strychnine,” “Two Headed Sex Change,” or “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” in that massive word search. It’s f—-n’ hard.

Punk Rock fun Time Activity Book is the most fun you can have while stickin’ it to the man. Aye Jay has created yet another masterpiece to mess with the innocence of children via their parents’ love of music.

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