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Ursula 1000

Ursala 1000


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On the creative scale starting at original composition and stopping on the mash-up remixing of today, DJ Alex Gimeno takes a sample from each end of the spectrum and makes something that has enough of a creative edge to get thumbs up, but still keeps its left foot in the dance traditions of the post Superfly generation. A bit of Daft Punk, a pinch of James Bond, a relaxed Lords of Acid all filter through his turntables. I’ll even forgive him for a web site that insists on playing his music, even though I’m already cranking it on WinAmp.

Ursula 1000 features a delightful selection of dance styles. It’s coherent enough that none of the song transitions makes you jump; we never suffer through a power ballad. Its stylings cover the electronica waterfront. There are break beats, hip hop, trance, and nuevo-retro riffs that all aim to get your booty off the Playstation. As the disc progresses, the sound drifts more toward the hip hop – opener “The Wizard” might open an urban adventure movie, “I.C.O.M.E” is pure Dee-lite sexuality, and “Star Machine” makes a sound like aliens on the dance floor. If you’re looking to simulate a youth-oriented den of iniquity with the opportunity to practice loose morals, I say unpack your bootie and play some Ursula 1000.

Ursula 1000:

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