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Sloth Conceived and Executed by Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman Projects

October 23 and 24, 2009

Part of 7 Deadly Sins by Emotions Dance Company

Cameo Theatre, Orlando FL</strong>

Writing about theater is fun, but sometimes you just don’t have any energy or inspiration to talk about it. Take Brian Feldman’s latest effort at entertaining Orlando while doing the minimum possible. His press releases for “Sloth” came in fast and furious, the Cameo Theater is right around the corner, and Feldman had a knack for turning the mundane into the monotonous. Yet it nearly passed by without notice on my part, and I just barely made it over for hour 24 of this 30 hour snooze fest. “Sloth” was part of Emotions Dance Theatre’s “7 Deadly Sins”, and even with press tickets I couldn’t get the gumption to drop by for their clearly more elaborate and well rehearsed project.

“Feldman Sloth – 1”

A bounced e-mail finally energized me and after scrounging up pants and a reasonably clean shirt I stuck my nose into his latest Entropyfest. Feldman was propped in a recliner wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and when not dozing he chatted nonchalantly to the smattering of lethargic well wishers who hoped for some jumping, some obsessive eating, or at least the vocalization of 20 pages of sexually oriented want ads. They were disappointed, as he only munched junk food while blankly staring at an old analog TV tuned to pretty much the same nothing you saw back when America lived on an NTSC format. Passing on a snarky blog entry appealed, but something poked and prodded me, and later that night I rolled off the couch and thought “Well, I could write few words, or get a beer. Either will require effort…”

“Feldman Sloth – 2”

Then is struck me – Feldman HAD rubbed off, without my even noticing. I, too, had become slothful. Not only did I neglect my duty to his highly conceptual art (an acquired taste I’m still acquiring) but other, more important assignments fell fallow. The lawn grew shaggy, trash piled up in the kitchen like the artistic mound around Feldman’s Laz-E-Boy, and his mechanical fish tank was in better shape than the leaking pool outside. The Feldman Dynamic had become static, and the rest of the world had joined him. I hope and pray his next project is more along the lines of “Brian Feldman Leads A Stock Market Rally” or “Clean Out The Feldman’s Garage.” Brian Feldman, America needs you!

“Feldman Sloth – 5”

Brian Feldman Projects has more web sites, Twitter feeds, and other hyperlinks than I have the energy to include here. If you’re ambitious, just click</a> and you’ll probably find something interesting. Or maybe not.</em>

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