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The Ettes

The Ettes

Danger Is EP

Take Root

Once again the little trio that could, the one perpetually – and unfairly – lost in the New York City shuffle, have put out a recording that plays like a wet dream to fans of garage rock and girl group pop. The Go-Gos meet The Stooges. The White Stripes meet The Shangri-Las. It’s all about the foot-stomping beats courtesy of Ms. Poni Silver, the soul tingling bass of Mr. Jem Cohen and the hand clap-worthy guitar chords and huggable vocals of front woman Coco. Even when it’s served up in the short dish EP version, as it is here with the Danger Is – it’s irresistible.

The first pair of songs, “No Home” and “Lo and Behold” were put to print by fan/producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and coupled the band’s two seemingly conflicting genre sounds together perfectly, while “Subject” is as bouncy as an ’80s ponytail. The final pair of tunes are live recordings that showcase the trio’s powerful concert performances. “The Rules” pulls from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Date With The Night” and throws on some rockabilly-ready harmonica while Poni drives the drums into the floor with a schizophrenic foot, and “I Heard Tell” is a pouncing, and sexy, cut off of last year’s Look at Life Again.

Any release by The Ettes is a good place to start your acquaintance. This one, however, is just short and sweet enough to hold even the most ADD-rattled mind at attention.

The Ettes:

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