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Inside Out

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A couple of years ago, the show Rock Star: Supernova had veteran rockers Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Gilby Clarke, and former Metallica and Voivod bassist Jason Newsted auditioning singers to be the face of their new band. Dilana came in second, but was undoubtedly the most talented of all of them. She proves it on her debut album Inside Out.

“Somebody Else” and “Solid Gold” are perfect for the Top 40 stations while “Hate U!!” could be the single that sets her career on the fast-track to superstardom. Follow that with the controlled “Falling Apart” where her powerful vocals carry this song into “Song of the Year” territory.

The power-ballad “LOUD silence” is the best of the year so far, if for no other reason than that moment when she channels her inner Janis Joplin and wails “Louder!” right before it rolls into the final chorus.

This tattooed South African beauty is just starting to show her immense talent. If this debut is any indication, we will be hearing a lot more from Dilana in the years to come.


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