Straight No Chaser

CD Review – Proud Simon (Pure Americana? Not so much.)

Anchors Aweigh


This 5-song EP is what you think of when you think of Americana…or that’s what the press release wants you to believe. In actuality, it’s more pure pop, than pure Americana. The title track has a hint of harmonica at the very beginning and end, but the greater whole of the song is your basic pop song. “Rock Unturned” is more mid-tempo pop that ends strangely with the two songwriters Brian Keenan and Adrian Morgan harmonizing as if the song is shifting in a different direction. But it just ends. The other three tracks are almost exactly the same (“Time Capsule” is a little more upbeat). Ultimately, there is nothing that is outstanding. The EP is decent, but I get the feeling, while listening to it that I’ve heard this many times before.

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